an agency as good
as its people.


From our inception, we set out to build a different kind of advertising agency. Yes, we know most agencies say something to that effect, but having worked on the client side of the table for many years — and with lots of agencies in the process — we had a pretty good idea of what Blaze should look and feel like (and what it shouldn’t). For nearly a decade, we’ve been guided by three core values:

trust and honesty

drive everything we do.

success means both
profits and purpose.

great people, doing great things,
consistently surprise and delight.

At Blaze, we work with clients who see collaboration as an opportunity for success and growth. We’re active participants in our community, so we seek partnerships with a positive, lasting impact. We’re proactive stewards of our environment, so we partner with eco-conscious clients. And as equal owners, we’re all committed to our agency’s long-term success, and to a culture that attracts top talent.

We know that behind every logo, every commercial, and every campaign are people. That’s why we each have a personal stake in our clients’ success. We think you’ll feel that way when you work with us.


Blaze became a Certified B Corp in August 2022, a certification process for organizations that abide by the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. Blaze was only the 4th full-service advertising agency to achieve B Corp status in New England. We’re proud to carry our values through to the work we do with our clients.

our team

Jenna Klein Jonsson

Managing Partner, Accounts

Jim Hauptman

Managing Partner, Business Development

Kevin Kayne

Managing Partner, Creative

Claire Cox

Head of Analytics

Eli Grober

Associate Creative Director, Copywriter

Elsie Madeira ​

Account Strategist

Eliza Hill​

VP, Business Growth & Strategy​

Emily Fidrych​

Media Strategist​

Jenifer Spencer

Graphic Designer

Kayla Collins

Account Strategist

Lindsay Walsh


Margaret Pierce

Account Manager

Robin Dienel

Media Director

Stevie Carey

Operations Lead

Victoria Wise-Copland

Associate Digital Strategist

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why we use pronouns

At Blaze, we want everyone — from our staff to our clients to our partners — to feel seen, heard, and understood. We aim to create a safe, comfortable, and inclusive working environment by normalizing discussions about gender and leaving our assumptions at the door. We believe this leads to opportunities for connection, personal growth, creativity, and productivity in our work and beyond. If you’re curious and want to learn more about preferred pronouns — and why they’re important — this is a great place to start.

on native land

We are all on Indigenous land. And because our offices are in Yarmouth, Maine, we acknowledge that we work on and occupy the unceded ancestral lands of the Wabanaki Confederacy, including the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Mi’kmaq, and Abenaki people, who have lived in the Maine area for thousands of years.