Below is our Winter 2023 campaign, “Cozy Maine Cabin.”


Strategic Planning

Audience Research

Creative Development

Production Execution

Digital Advertising

Media Planning & Buying

a recipe for success, HALF A DECADE in the making

Since 2018, Blaze has been the agency of record for Maine Spirits, the exclusive wholesale supplier of liquor in the state. Together, we’re making cocktails the drink of choice in Maine. 

We combine a strong digital media strategy with fresh, fun creative thinking and then we shake it all up and strain it over ice – or in our favorite coup.

Getting cozy with

Getting cozy with

How do you get people to drink cocktails in a beer-obsessed state? We start by getting to know the consumer through rigorous research and an eye for detail (spot the puzzle pieces, backgammon board, and toasted ’mallows!)

With our ingredients audience data in hand, we build a highly-targeted, integrated media strategy that brings a slew of new digital channels and tools to the table. 

This creative
performed nearly
4x the industry

That’s a meal!!

Save one for me!

Looks yummy, friend, tasty on these cold winter days!

We like to mix our media and creative together so 
they can work hand-in-hand — they’re basically our 
gin and vermouth. This method lets us customize campaigns to unique audience segments with 
greater precision and frequency.

We take advantage of every aspect of our seasonal campaigns. Winter isn’t just about getting cabin-cozy. It’s also prime football and basketball-watching season. That’s why we created this spot for broadcast OTT — to demonstrate that with Maine Spirits, anyone can host a winning party!


Website visitors during this campaign, a 13.8% increase 
from the previous year

54% VCR

On our Winter video on
PreRoll, over double the
Industry Benchmark


Paid impressions on Meta ads,
reaching high intent users

With our help, Maine Spirits is engaging a new generation of whiskey-tasters, gin-sippers, and mezcal-curious. Fresh creative — driven by audience insights and a fine-tuned media strategy — meets Mainers where they’re already searching, playing, listening, and imbibing. Cheers to that!

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